Saturday, April 30, 2005

Cut: CUT!

[ music: Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live Thee Lite (Junior's Factory Mix) into Daft Punk Rollin' And Scratchin' (1)]

2:50 taxi to Orchard Street where the Cut party at Bar 11 is taking place.

3:00 entree

Space: small, long bar on the left, stage at the end where a dj's working the music. Pretty good sound, electro meet rock.
People: girls are really cute, boys are a little too rough for me...I run away.

On the way out, a hiphop boy with gold teeth tells his homeboy "Yo! Check this out! A Beret, he's wearing a fuckin' beret! and check out the scarf! Man I haven't seen than since the 70s!" .... you ain't seeing it any longer! ... dash.................
... home to sleep.


(1) Rollin' n Scratchin memory:
Les Bains Douches Paris, random Saturday in 97, random good Parisian DJ, turned the club out. I used to love that place. A little bit played out, but fun for the same reason. Lots of young girls, a good dose of cute little boys, the usual couple of nightlife fixtures 'de passage', some lost business men with tons of money, few tourists who made it inside, what a great mix. It was really the perfect place to start the night lightly.
Paris nightlife path back in the days: Les Bains Douches (1am-3am) ; Le Queen / Scream / TGV (3am-6am) ; Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (6am-11am) ... simple and fun.

For those who enjoyed Xitron back in the days, she's still pushing the boundaries:
I still remember just being in awe with her body, the way she just standed on the podium, her looks just stated originality.
I remember, that scream party in winter, she was just wearing a tutu a la Josephine Baker but it was not Bananas but oversized bicolored Pills (!?) ... no shoes...just her, naked and so white, blonde; I never figured out if she was painted white or if it was her body...she was almost translucid that night ... completely naked wearing just a pills skirt, holding 2 in the hands, and dancing, staring at the infinite, to some beat...can you get more detached, transparent, absent than that?
That night she was poetry, truly an angel...I was in love with her I think...
Scream was fun, I wonder what Nirvana's doing now.


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