Friday, April 08, 2005

David Mancuso's Loft

[music: Natalie Cole - Lucille in the sky with diamonds]

As you may or may not know, David Mancuso is an absolut pioneer of New York nightlife and Disco. He was the first, he did it, he's still doing it.
If you need a history lesson, it won't be here but somewhere else.

As you may or may not know, David still has his Loft party going on, yes he does. I was at the last one in the East Village.

When I do not know what to expect from a night, I I did. The party was from 6pm to midnight on Sunday. When me and my friend emerged from the apartment, it was snowing. How nice...So we go to the address, but there is no club (no surprise here). There's a little entrance and that's here. A list with names, you give yours, they give you a ticket, you climbs the stairs.
There, a large dancefloor holds 200 people, and David is in the corner with his home-made booth. I've never seen turntables like this. It's pretty interesting: they look like high-fidelity turntables. I have a feeling he does not pitch anything...He is there, with a flash light, spending a huge amount of time looking at where the needle is. He's just cool. I wanted to get him that authographed "High Priest" I had but I could not find it (he's also a Timothy Leary reader).
The crowd is mature black, young european, and Japanese (that Japanese girl in full Kimono probably overdress when in doubt). Some old photos are on the walls, colorfull balloons everywhere. The groove is definitely Disco and early House, the sound dense but not overwhelming...perfect.
When we leave after 2 hours, it's still snowing and only 11pm. The time to catch a movie. I love Sunday evening parties.


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