Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Frankie Knuckles at Spirit (aka Twilo, aka (the original) Sound Factory)

[ music: Herbie Hancock - Rockit ]

Spirit 9:00pm Sunday
I thought by 9pm Frankie would be playing. It was Steve Travolta warming up the floor. Frankie would come on at 10pm. 1h to get me grooving Steve, let's see.
I always had a problem with ST, he plays the tracks too long leading to the "juice" being too diluted: Spirit is not the Loft and ST is not David Mancuso. Not everyone can get away with playing tracks for 10 minutes.
Anyway, it did not miss, for the first 40 minutes, I was just continuing the nap I started this afternoon.
This gave me time to glance around. The crowd that night was mature and definitely gay! Surprising. There was also some househeads, dancers, old couples (60yo), girls who couldn't find Webster Hall....It was a fun crowd. Specially the super drunk hottie who looked like an Italian Model...hot! Another nice thing about Sunday parties is that everyone is in a good mood and all smiles and this just creates a particular vibe.

Then, something happened and Steve decided to up the tempo. He played that classics track (I cannot even remember the name but) I was starting to move...then he had to slow it down (grrrr) but quickly started to up it again, and I was having a great time! He played "I get lifted" and it worked wonders. He then graced us with "Love will save the day" and the room was loving it!

That is when Frankie took over and continued on "Love will Save the Day" with some beautiful piano that lasted for half and hour, it was just beauty.
He then played another track and faded it down...I started to hear the beginning of something familiar..."Oh! No!" I said, the old dancer next to me was slower at recognizing it but after few seconds he went "Oh! Yes!" ... Frankie played "The Whistle Song" ... a special moment in history. He didn't play that in this room for the last 10 years or so. (Actually, I think he played an Armani night at Twilo once I remember...so it might not be that long ago :) ).
Anyway, it was beautiful.
He then moved to harder things, like a pumped mix of Vernessa Mitchell (can't remember-it's her latest). There was a lot of filtered build-ups, so I wasn't featuring this too much (had my share of those back in Paris, la french touch you know).
After like an hour of those, he seamlessly transitioned to the deep house we all love coming from Frankie...I had to split then cause I was tired.


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