Saturday, April 23, 2005

Freeeeeeaks on 21st Street

[music: The Rita Mitsouko - Andy]

The place is the new club called Duvet on 21st Street, the old Centro-Fly. It has been redone and the place looks like it's 3 times the old Centro. It's very open and the concept is 'the bed'. There's bed everywhere and we're supposed to lay there.

This is a thursday night and it's been going on for ages now: the whole Amanda, Kenny Kenny, Sofia crazy crowd reunite on Thursday. I was the same thing at Life, Spa, Plaid. It's now at Duvet.

The night's celebration tonight was for Patricia Field new collection. Everyone was there. We arrived around 11:30 and the place was already busy.
Excellent music from Larry Tee ("call me mister telephone! Call me Mister Telephone!") and it got PACKED around midnight.
I wish I had a camera because everyone was dressed to the gods that night. I specifically remember Patrick McDonald in a salmon suit with flowers designs (very beautiful), some 15yo kid looking at all the drag queens and running to his mother :) ; this one who I saw back at Frankie who was wearing some original Africans jewels (always great to see someone featuring indian/african art) ; Lui wearing a huge back wig; Amanda's not naked! Kenny Kenny was cute with a suit/croset all black, and half a leg cut with some ripped 'bas'.
The space works much better than Spa. There's a flow and the crowd's just better. No dancefloor per se, and it's not a issue.

The performance was from Tobel von Cartier. The song was about paparazzi but the mike was busted so I missed all the lyrics. Next time.
She also wished happy birthday to that club kid who I saw entering the club with a suit-case and just dress there in the middle of the club...the boucer was like wtf? But hey, tonight's there's no rule so it's all good!

Great night, will be back. The crowd is just too hot there.


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