Saturday, April 02, 2005

New York Nightlife: which one?

[music: Joey Beltram - Energy Flash]

Ok, this site is about New York nightlife, but that is a very broad topic.

To put it simply, here it'll be about: Queens, Freaks, and Thumping bass.

Here's a set of what I enjoyed so far, this might give a good idea:
Junior Vasquez (*)
Frankie Knuckles
Motherfucker Parties
Danny Tenaglia
Jackie 60
Click and Drag
Body & Soul
BeYourself @ Vynil
Arena @ Palladium
the whole Amanda Lepore, Kenny Kenny,... scene (Beige, Life, Spa, Plaid, LoungeWhore,...)
Suzanne Bartsch's events
Joe Claussell
Francois K
Twilo afterhours
DTour @ Tunnel
Save The Loft parties above Twilo
Victor Calderone
David Mancuso @ The Loft (recent incarnations)
Respect is burning
Dimitri From Paris

What do they have in common?
Well, (1) good dance music, and (2) a sexualy liberated, free thinking crowd. Most of it is predominantely gay, with the usual open minded and/or stylish others. This has been the format for most of New York great clubs.

(*) Why Junior Vasquez? Such a controversial Kevin Aviance puts it at the end of 'Hang the Dj' : "because he works my pussy!", what can I do?


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