Sunday, April 03, 2005

Saturday April 3 Reviews

[music: Junior turning it live at Sound Factory '92 ]

I fell asleep at home around 10pm for some reason. I woke up and my alarm was showing 4:35. I thought I missed it all, too bad.
Then I remembered the pictures of the Rated X party (hot crowd), and since I am really really horny lately, I got myself up and running thinking I needed to hook up with someone tonight (even if this never happens!). How can one resists instincts?
Somehow, my alarm was fucked up because my phone said it was 2:00am, and my computer said it was 3:00am. It was 3:00am, perfect timing then.

So, I head to Opaline on 7th(?) and avenue A. Well, well, well.
First, I thought I saw I mass of people in front of the club, but it was actually in front of the deli next door (haha).

Anyway, I enter the place. The crowd seems young, not too rock/glamrock/whateverrock the way I thought it would. I'm starting to think that I just went to the wrong place.
I go further to the main room. They have a hot body contest...WTF, what's that? Spring Break? The drag pepermint (I think) hosts, with M. T. Diamond in the booth.
The show lasted for an hour it seems. The last two contestants were hot. A 19 years old european college boy with a perfect swimmer build (!), and some girl with huge tits and ass-I thought it was a tranny for a while. Of course the titty girl won. I thought the boy deserved to win. How can some sillicon win over his young perfect swimmer body?

The music finally started: George Michael-Freedom (why not?). I got some wine (horrible, could not get more than 2 sips). I walked around a little: college kids, some more college kids, a guy wearing all black (3-piece suit, tie, nice to see someone make some effort), one dude who looked like he worked at trash and vaudeville.
Anyway, all this was really too College Kids Night Out meet East Village with a tiny MotherFucker lime (in this ratio: 80, 19, 1). Not my cup of tea (I wish they served tea in clubs).

I was out after Freedom and Like A Prayer with the vision of this asian college girl on stage singing that song...not!

Speaking of tranny, I wanted to check out the tranny night they have at 10th and 7av. I walked there, could not find the club...and the 411 guy told me the club was on 11av (no way I'm walking all the way to the west side dressed like I was -I'm very not courageous like this). I will check it out next week. My friend told me people at Krash told him it's fun (?).

Anyway, I finally walked back home. It is now 5:30am (I'm writing this because it's fresh and I'm going to try to do something with that blog).
I don't think I'll be going to Junior now. I'm a little tired but it's really that I don't really feel like spending anything anymore.

Specially that tomorrow is the return of my favorite DJ: Joe Claussell (see
I have to say that I think Joe's the next big New York thing (in the sense that mostly only New Yorkers will get him - not a Sasha/Digweed phenomenon). I was first introduced to the man via DanceTracks (the shop on 3rd St.) and the first Ibadan Records (I have a nice collection of the first ones I got back in '97 from the store). Those Ten City remixes are gold.



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