Monday, April 11, 2005

Saturday April 9's bull

[music: S.H.E.I.L.A. - Mr Policeman] (*)

Did I finally check out the tranny party on 7th? Did I get lifted by some dj? Turned out by some queen? Got wasted? What happened? What happened?

n.o.t.h.i.n.g. like a good boy I went to this bar/lounge called nublu on Av. C. Again, like Mancuso's Loft or Joe's party, no sign of the place whatsoever outside. This time they get the award, I was looking for the place for days until I had to call and listen to their tip (under the blue I'm no boyscout!).
Anyway, it's all fancy and everybody's feeling themselves at this cool hang out. The drinks are definitely expensive ($10 for a flute of Champagne, aie), the crowd cute but a little uptight. I spotted Candis Cayne, which made me feel a little better (the place's bone straight).

The music was really nice, jazzy with a touch of house. It got really packed around 2:00 when I accidentally bumped into a girl who obviously did not accept my apologies (and the fact that the probability of not getting bumped into in this place was assymptotically upper-bounded by 1/x). Well, my bitch quota was maxed out so I split to end up my night in the exact opposite: a dive bar in east village chating with a real cute and cool nyu undergrad.

If you're into good music, an original place, feeling like it, cute girls and boys, self-conscious straight sceners, I'd recommend that lounge.

Will I ever go check out the fun my friend was promised at Krash? Next week maybe... after Danny Tenaglia's reunion, before Junior's afterhours and Franckie's return .... all of them on 27th Street this weekend.
I'll die if Franckie plays his mix of the Pressure....I haven't heard that since Body&Soul closing (they pushed it hard on the "I NEED RELIEF!!!" part...B&S was our relief I know....everyone went ballistic right there and then and the whole place was screaming "i neeeeed reliiiiiiiief!!!!" .
The other one who used to turn that record out was Junior at Twilo (late in the day) when he used to loop the accapella intro over and over and over, and Kevin could not resist it and jumped on the first box he saw to perfom in the moment....the great good old days. SOMEONE'S GOTTA PLAY THAT RECORD THIS WEEKEND!!

So...who will be declared the winner? Frankie's my week the results are in!!!

Justine, "ginger-ale's the champagne of sodas, sure looks like it".

(*) This sheila track's too fierce to be ignored; if you do not know it do yourself a huge favor and go check it out on the pbb's electrochoc (luna section -the whole electrochoc's great anyway).


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