Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday's Parties in New York

[music: Ellis D. - Ride]

Tonight on my radar, there's apparently two, three things going on.

First is DJ Chad Jack at Roxy. I only heard good things about him but can't stand Roxy so I'm not interested that much (now if he opened for Junior at Spirit that might be another story but this is probably not in his interest right now).
Another thing is the new "Rated X" party at Opaline in the East Village. Michael T Diamond is playing and promoting. Given how great 'Motherfucker' is, I might check it out tonight. Some good pictures of the party are at this cool site .
Can I say I miss Jackie 60?

Lastly, I might check out Junior Vasquez's return at the Saturdays afterhours on 27th Street.
His last "Carnavale" party on Sunday was great. I wasn't into the last one for Black Party afterhours (too dark, hard, and speed for me....and why is he jumping that much in the dj booth anyway?)




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