Sunday, May 08, 2005

Children Of The World

[music: Jody Watley - I'm the one (Def Dub) ]


moi: 27th between 10 and 11 please.
taxi: which club are you going to? Bungalow?
moi: no, this club called Spirit.
taxi: do they let you in? I went last time to Bungalow and they did not let me in.
moi: yeah, it depends, sometimes they have private events.

I am not going to Bungalow 8 at 4am, no worry. I am sure they would never get my outfit anyway. They only know D&G or Prada, they have no clue about that English Punk designer anyway.

Part 1

I arrive at Spirit at 4:00. I enter directly to the heavy sound of "Plastic Dreams" mixed with something else, and the sound is going in and out: Junior Vasquez is not just putting records on, he's working the tracks tonight.

When I enter, the place is already in full swing, packed.

Entrance: muscle latinos and black queens. I make a right towards the speaker, the ghetto trannies, strippers and their admirers are there.
I walk under the booth, on the right: chilling on the stairs is a mix of club girls and East Village boys, on the left: a sea of shirtless Chelsea boys.
I continue towards the bar, next to the speaker, some house heads from the Factory days, and a bunch of cute European boys and girls enjoying their nyc trip.
At the bar, looking in front: more queens, some dancing Japanese group. I already love that party.

By the time I reached the bar, Junior changed to "Your Love Is Taking Me Over", and he's now plunging "Work It To The Bone" and "Do It Again". They weren't joking when they said it was classics.


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