Saturday, May 14, 2005

More Children Of The World

[ music: Cece Rogers - Someday ]

Part 2

Junior is playing Xpress-2 "Music", my dance partner is enjoying it ("work junior!"). Suddenly on the left, a black drag queen jumps right next to me and start prancing (1), she's sporting a short black hair wig, she's thin and wears a black corset. Deep in the track, the horns of "Fly Life" emerge...and again "(xpress2 voice) "Music"....(basementjaxx-flylife) HORNS .... "Music" .... HORNS.... "Music" .... HORNS.... "Music" .... HORNS.... "Music" .... HORNS" and then, Shannon voice overlap "The music played while our bodies displayed through the dance.............".

All the lights are on, silence. Then, keyboards notes slowly become louder ... "Love is the message", and the voice of Dawn Tallman preaching "Be Encouraged" over the whole track.

(1) One thing I learned: if the dj's able to get the drag-queens to start dancing (more like carrying and prancing, and kiki-ing on the dancefloor) for no reason other than what's coming out of the speakers, you know you're at a party with great music! :)


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