Sunday, May 01, 2005

Paradise Garage

[ music: K.O.T. feat. Julie McKnight- Finally (Tenaglia's mix) (1) ]

Where can you hear those tracks on a New York Sunday afternoon?

Keep on Walking - Cece Peniston
Runaway - India
Touch and Go - ESG
Hit and Run - Loleatta

The skating ring in central park with all the old garage heads on weels :) ...

(1) this one used to be the perfect night-ender at Vinyl. I miss the late hours there. My favorite time was when we stopped by one morning way too late at 10:30am, the club was 1/2 empty but we knew we would meet the regular friends in the lounge in the back (the lounge was packed)...Danny also played Do It Properly that time.
The little lounge next to the booth was quite the late-night ny afterhours classic scene.


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