Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sacred Rhythms May 29th

[ music: Kerri Chandler - I Feel It (DJ Deep Edit) ]

After a trip to the East Village, I found myself in front of Satellite Records. I decided to check out their classics section for the hell of it. Nothing there really. I picked up the "Reason To Celebrate" by Joe Claussell Vinyl set and started to listen to "Imagination - Changes (Larry Levan Mix)". DAMN! Larry's opening bass in there is amazing...
It conviced myself that I should check Joe's return at Love after a month hiatus.

I arrived at Love at 6:30. The club was pretty much empty (10 to 20 people in there). To my surprise, it wasn't Joe playing but some girl. She was such a mood killer I won't even bore you. Just know that close to 7:30pm she had 5 of the 60 people on the dancefloor dancing, and the most uplifting track she played was "M.A.R.R.S" ... wtf?
Anyway, she dropped another jazzy-fusion-latin-deep-house-downtempo track with a little guitar in there and it was boring. Joe stepped up in front of the console and started turning the knobs.
After 5 seconds, he had the guitar do some fun noise, was accentuating the ups and down, created a dynamic rhythm out of it, and even got the bass to be heavier, the club took life. I was thinking to myself "he is raping that track and she's loving it!".
He stepped out, and again, a bore. He came again when she played SuperNature, and he turned that sound out! I never heard it like this. Amazing.

This was the start of Sacred Rhythms.

After SuperNature, the dancefloor was packed. I mean PACKED. It is such a small place the energy gets high very easily. It is so condensed, I've never seen such a space (well, maybe my studio).
So he started directly with some insane drum track, it was just wild. He was playing the hell of that record for 10 minutes.

The most incredible thing happened next, he was playing a track and created what I would call a build-up of drums , build-up ... ... build-up ... build-up ... BOOM! -Silence- The whole place erupts. and again .... build-up ... ... build-up ... build-up ... BOOM! -Silence- The whole place went even more insane. I've never seen this. Given how powerful the sound is, how dense the space is, it was as if he was able to create waves of sound or energy that were carried through the whole dancefloor it was just amazing. I then said to myself that this was one of the most impressive moment of dj-ing I've ever seen.
He followed by "We Got Our Own Thang...(We Got It!)", and a great House track with a good bass hook (which was a perfect transition).
After that he graced us with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", but he's able to play that like it just came out last week; he clears some channels (say no violons), push others (say drums) and make a rhythm you never saw appear out of nowhere; you don't know if this is the same track. Unique.

I left after this because I was tired and I showed up way too early since it was a long weekend and they ended the party later.

This is what I've been talking about for a long time. The residency Joe Claussell needed to establish himself as the new prodigal Dj of this city (after Levan and Vasquez).


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