Saturday, July 02, 2005

Where is everybody?

[ music: Coitus - Green Velvet ]

Where to go on Gay Pride Sunday when one has to work the day after?

Well, I thought Frankie Knuckles would get my visit because he was playing at Splash and it's a gay club, and it's gay pride, and he's gay, playing for all those gays, gay house music, ...
I arrived at 9pm for 1 hour of Steve Travolta who was absolutely flawless. He played funky, sexy, cunty songs, great beats, good lyrics, nicely mixed, nicely worked, just perfect. It's the first time he impressed me that much.
Frankie showed up at 10pm and changed the sound completely to move to the same filtered build-ups of last time at Spirit. I didn't feature it this time either.
I got tired and decided to check out Joe Claussell at Love for a sure musical treat. Surprisingly it was really empty there (maybe 30 people?). But it's fine, the music was really beautiful. I chilled on the sofa and just enjoyed the beats. The same usual freaks are there, from Body and Soul days. I wonder if I'm just crazy to stick with this night too?
I'll give this night another chance this weekend. All the stars are aligned: Monday's off, Louie Vega's tag teaming. There's no reason it shouldn't be crowded. At least the music'll be beautiful for sure. Better be a good night cause I'm missing a David Mancuso event for that!

After waking up from my nap at Love, I went back to check Frankie, thinking he would have moved on to other sounds. Well, not really. The crowd was better, specially the black drag with a very athletic body who was obviously put in trance by the beats played by Frankie. I loved the hot blonde 30something girl dressed in all mix of people.

I will definitely try Motherfucker this Sunday since I decided that it was fucking time to check something that's not considered passé. I'll have to get really drunk to move on Rock'n Roll though.


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