Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Sunday

[music: Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Shep Pettibone Mix) ]

Arrival at Eugenes on 24th Street. No crowd in the front, just some Eugenes regulars being turned down because they don't look the part: girls looking too much like Sex and the City girls and boys looking too much like, well, a J-Crew add maybe.
Inside it was already crowded. As always with Motherfucker, the crowd was beautiful, too cool to be true, and real fun! (a rare thing). I spent the first few hours sipping some fruit juice at the bar. I got to say the girls in that place are the most beautiful in the city, just mindbending. I was totally impressed with the party again, and this new space fitted the party very well too.
Around 12:30am, the live band show started. Peppermint Gummybear and Milan were MC-ing talking about some photography books, and getting girls to show their tits and boys their dicks to win them. I'm not a fan of those shows so I was quite bored by then. As the Marquis De Sade explained, there's nothing worse than taking eroticism not seriously.
The band started (forgot the name) with 2 portishead-ish tracks, the female singer was really good. Then they decided to up the tempo but it was quite a catastrophy. It sounded like they discovered the buildup yesterday and kept doing them for 20 minutes, with some echo effect that made me feel like Francois K was at the helm. It was going nowhere in a very obvious way. Plus one of the band member was just head-arms banging for hours, why not hire a beautiful dancer? After this bad phase, they put back the girl at the mike and it was great again.

Then Michael T. started his Dj slot. He did an amazing job. Mixing real rock songs with a groove and more electro sounding tracks. That's when I headed to the dancefloor and for once was able to get moving. The scene was nice. On the left a black girl who looked like she was just coming out of a Playboy bunny party and her hypermuscular girlfriend, on the podium a bare chested drag with patent leather pants and s&m boots. Behind me Miranda Moondust and next to her a tatooed lesbian and a girl looking like one of the Suicide Girls. Motherfucker is the best party in NYC hands down!!
I did not have time to check the side rooms, just a little bathroom check to fix the attire, haha.

Pictures of the party are there and there.

Exit. On 24th and 6th Ave, some gorgeous black lesbian who looked like an Air Force pilot with her Ray-Bans and army tank top asks where the party's at...Motherfucker! Motherfuckers!
On the way to Junior Vasquez party at the Limelight.

3:15am Limelight.
Arrival when Veronika's screaming a new remix of an old song. The space's dark and the crowd light years away from the party just left. Hum...
Then Veronika's singing a new remix of Relentless, they should call that track CouldCareLess! Blah Blah about the 1997 song and the crowd cheers! Then Junior drops a (again!) new remix of an old song: "Erotica 2005" and the "Fever" video's playing. What the hell, why do I feel all this is so passe?! No need to live, tonight, a sad version of those great years. Adios!!


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