Sunday, October 23, 2005

Madonna at the Roxy

[ music: The Cure : Boys Don't Cry ]

Saturday October 22, 1AM:

Arrival at the Roxy where Madonna is scheduled to appear this Saturday, part of her promotional tour for her new single "Hung Up".
The line was just nuts. Usually, there's the usual long stretch line going towards West Side Highway, and then a pack of 20 people in front trying to get in directly because they know the doorman. Well, last night there was a line going more than a block towards WSH, and instead of the little pack of "VIPs", there was a half block line of them waiting to get in! People sure were excited to see her.

Somehow we got in quickly. Passing the door of the club, I was meet with a see of people, no one could move one bit, or one butt. After a few minutes to get up the first four stairs, I realized the whole corridor going up the club was just a sea of people; like 500 in there. Unbelievable! Anyway, once again we got through this quite quickly by just bypassing that whole madness. Wow, just wow.

Ironically, it was less crowded inside the club itself. The dance-floor was completely filled with people just staring at the (now) empty stage. Obviously it was an event people were really waiting for. So I just hanged on the side next to the first bar. After 20 minutes of beats, a roar spread out. She was on. Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, aka Les Rhythmes Digitales, aka Madonna's producer took over the decks at that point.
Madonna then talked about how she was happy to be back at the Roxy, and she was here with some 12inches "Some of the girls have all the luck" (quite a bad joke in my humble opinion). Anyway, her new track started and she had a bunch of kids from some high-school or "make a wish foundation" wearing Gap just jumping up and down at the track to create a party atmosphere. She danced too.
That lasted for 3 songs and that was it. Promotion promotion promotion.

After that, the club filled out a little bit and Peter Rauhofer took the deck. It was not my cup of tea. The real place to be tonight was at Misshapes where Jacques Lu Cont was to DJ. Heard him at the Respect parties at the Queen back in the days. He was great. Respect was such a great night.
Unfortunately yesterday I wasn't feeling the trip in the Village and (more to the point) had no money whatsoever so I just went home.

The real innovative, hip part of the nite was not happening at Roxy but Misshapes. Well, hopefully another time. The good thing is that I got some idea for new shirts when I was dressing up, will need to give the new drawings to a tailor. I am becoming a little too Dandy, I guess that is what boredom and culture leads to.


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