Saturday, October 29, 2005

MoFo Halloween

[ music: I Never Knew - Oleta Adams (Danny Tenaglia Mix) ]

11pm: Roxy
Arrival early at the Roxy only to find couple of people in front, a police car with the flashlights, and some legal papers taped to the closed club. Roxy's just been closed by the cops as per legal order from a judge.
I ask the cop about it, it tells me the place went bankrupt, other people suggest the Roxy lost it liquor licence. "The Roxy's closed indefinitly", "the Roxy's court date for reopening is Thursday", ... who knows. The only sure thing is that Motherfucker will not happen at Roxy.
As people arrive, the word spread the party's been relocated to Delancey Lounge in the L.E.S. .

12am: Delancey
The line is big in front of the club, everybody's dressed up. I didn't dress up since I'm just dead tired on Friday and didn't plan on staying too long. I'll save the costume for Patricia Field party on Monday.

So the club is divided in three floors. The main floor (i.e. when the gorgeous fuckin' hot Justine D. was playing, the stage was) is at the basement level, the ground floor has a dancefloor, a seating area, and some sort of VIP area that looks like a large cubical glass room: a fishtank? ; and the upper floor I didn't check.
The party was going on great, heard "Around the World" when I arrived.
Downstairs, they were playing a little more E.V. type music and the floor was packed. The stage was filled with the usual crazy freaks motherfucker catters too, and it was a great scene. Someone with a 2 feet mohawk, a gogo boy in fishnets with amazing tatoos all over his body, cute girls and drag dancing. I have to say when that electro/dance/dark track started with that strange voice going"It's not you, it's the E talking", and that hypnotic rhythm started, the dancefloor getting it: it was as close as those great other moments from the past few years. "Queens, Freaks and a Thumping Bass" in all its glory.

The shows were good. Michael T. performed "sweet transvestite". He really looked beautiful, such a pure face.
Then Kevin Aviance, Peppermint, and 6 dancers performed Thriller. That show was really great. The dance was just like the video, exactly on point, worked well.
After the show Justine D. started the second part of the night with AC/DC "Highway to Hell", which was really fun for me.
I only stayed for half and hour after that since I was really dead tired.

So, Motherfucker Halloween didn't turn out as the all-out-extravaganza expected. But given the Roxy drama, it was a great night. The crowd was here to party! Dressed-up, in spirit!
Mofos can do no wrong. I love them, thank god this party's here because NY would not be the same without it.

I did not hit DT party at Spirit, after the good time at MoFo I didn't feel like being in that space.

3 bananas, 10 butterflies, 1 bug, 14 zombies, 1 naked girl, 1 sailor-moon, 3 witches, 1 mummy, 2 storm troopers, 1 pixel-boy, 0 smurfs, 2 twins in white, 1 Michael Jackson and 6 Thriller dancers, 1 Jason, 1 beat-up boxer, 16 decomposing bodies, 1 fisherman, 3 Louis XIV courtisans, 1 Alice in Wonderland, ...


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