Monday, October 24, 2005

More Madonna Madness + Halloween

[ music: Lately - Stevie Wonder ]

As it turned out, Madonna also hit Misshapes Saturday. Ah! She's cool all right, thanks to Stuart Price I guess. Anyway, it appears it was such a mad house there, I'm happy I didn't go. Apparently they had people staring at the booth for hours ... yeah! I had that staring bullshit, except in front of the mirror of course.
I'll hit the party later this year but to dance my ass off.

On another topic, halloween weekend looks really promising. I don't intend to hit all the parties, far from it. On the plate though:

Friday: Motherfucker @ Roxy + Danny Tenaglia @ Spirit afterhours.
Saturday: Misshapes Halloween bash @ Luke&Leroy + Junior Vasquez @ Roxy afterhours
Sunday: who knows?
Monday: Patricia Field's party promises to be the place to be; it's always halloween at Pat parties anyway, haha.

Ah! Pat. I remember meeting her once at Jackie 60 on a tuesday. I was so drunk, I was talking her about the three standard stoppages by Marcel Duchamp representing another view on the meter definition; and how this could be used instead of the meter used for her collection. This new meter (Marcel's) would create weird clothes, as in another world. A world with a different (but still valid) definition of what a standard meter is ... where else can this happen except Jackie 60? She wasn't receptive at all on this idea for some unknown reason.


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