Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Valley

[music: Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)]

(pics are there)

Tuesdays with Suzanne Bartsch at the Jeremy Scott designed club Happy Valley. That sounds good.

We arrived around 12am running from the cab to the door to avoid being completely washed out by the heavy rain. No line at all, and no fee, how nice.
I haven't been out on a tuesday since forever. Everytime I spend some time getting ready on a Tuesday I think of the best party in the world on Tuesdays: Jackie 60!!

Anyway, it's 2005 and it's Happy Valley. After putting the coat in the coat check, we push the black doors and put the firsts steps inside the club. Daft Punk's "Around The World" is playing. The club is narrow, and has very high ceilings. It is quite bright.
I look around and already I see the usual faces of New York night life. Michael Musto's moving left and right next to a large draq queen. He's sporting a red jacket that looks like the one in Thriller (no, no further joke).
People are dressed up and it's a who's who of the new york coolness night thingy. Peppermint, Sofia Lamar (with a nice military inspired outfit), Suzanne Bartsch (wearing a strangely 5th av hooker outfit?), and so on and so on. Kenny Kenny and the constant Patrick McDonald, Thomas (doorgod of lately), even Mody and the Dandy Warhol stopped by later ...
My eyes are back to the space, great space. some huge stairs going up to a second floor balcony, some oversized stairs a la "Around the world" video (I wish someone would have mimic-ed the dance on the stairs for that track).
The color theme is black and white. The DJ booth is a huge disco ball sphere of 10 meters of diameters sitting in the back of the dancefloor.

This is a very cute party, people are dressed up, dancing, very nightlife oriented, trés cool of sort. "It's all right" as Brett would have said.

Of Note: the abstract and phuturistic show by Kim Aviance on the stairs following the beats of a wordless electronic track.

As for the Music, most of the tracks I knew from the Misshapes radio show. It was okay but the mixing was just horrendous. They need to learn how to transition tracks because it completely kills the mood and they need to structurally build a musical journey because if they don't the musical night just feels like a high school party.
Even if they're cute and cool and new, they need to improve those 2 parts to get me going more than 2 songs on the floor.


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