Saturday, December 24, 2005

dt --part 1

[ music: The Cure - Lullaby ]

After spending some time reading Journaux intimes by Charles Baudelaire, I crashed in bed at 10pm, just had time to set my alarm for a 4am wake up call, and fell asleep thinking about that sentense I read in Charles's Journal:

Les airs charmants et qui font la beauté sont:

L’air blasé,
L’air ennuyé
L’air évaporé,
L’air impudent,
L’air de regarder en dedans,
L’air de domination,
L’air de volonté,
L’air méchant,
L’air chat, enfantillage, nonchalance et malice mêlés.

4am: Alarm rings.
I jump out of bed. All is quiet and dark. I move slowly to the shower without touching anything else. I stay under the water for 10 minutes. Put the light on, shave. Put on contact lenses. Hair are neatly combed and I apply gel so they will stay perfect. The world was a mess but his hair was perfect.
Time to dress up, it is now 4:25.
I put on my pants and shoes, as well as a fitted white shirt and skinny back tie. Added couple of Leather arm bang to create additional symetrical focal points.

I put my dark grey coat and headed out. Caught a taxi and was in front of the club at 4:50.
The bouncer was talking to a girl for 5 minutes before even acknowledging anyone else at the door. I was ready to leave in front of such idiotic behavior.
Anyway, I headed in. The coat check was busy with 6 russian girls and their bags. Bodies are toned, clothes are bought on Broadway, hair is dynasty-worthy, and make-up visible in the dark.

I pay the exhorbitant sum of $40 to get in.
Cashier Girl: I like your outfit.
Moi: Thanks, You haven't seen the pants and shoes!
Cashier Girl: Haha! Have a good time sweety.

I pass the door and enter the place. People everywhere. Young, casual. The music is definitely dark and the bass overwhelms the place.
I go down the stairs and turn left to enter the club. The place is packed, and the music's great.

[more later on Danny honoring 27th street with amazing tracks, a techno-acid house moment, the girl I was supposed to meet, the muscle boys, the fetish dom guy, the 2 girls wearing dress, and my departure at 7:30am]


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