Sunday, December 25, 2005

dt --part 2

[ music: The Rakes - The World was a mess but his hair was perfect ]

Danny honoring 27th Street

As soon as I entered, the sound was amazing. There was a deep driving bass funk-ing the place, that's what I know Danny for. Dark House tracks with a deep bass, and a very strong groove; he was delivering!
After 10 minutes, I found myself under the booth, and was impressed by the music already. He then introduced a track that just left me speechless. It had ups and downs, stops and go, claps the whole club followed, and out of nowhere a funky bass that turned the club upside down. It's right then than I tought Danny was playing like this club deserves.

Techno and Acid House

After the first half hour, I couldn't really find a good spot to dance, and those pants where a little tight. Specially the dozens of straps were just keeping my legs from moving easily, well, that's what I get for dressing up haha! At least I got a good workout out of it.
At that point Danny stopped layering tracks too much and it was a little slow for a while. You got to give the crowd a break.
But but but, around 6, he started to put a slow Techno track that just took control of me, I can't tell what it was really. It sounded like a mix of Acid House and Detroit Techno. What a beauty. Inside the dominating bass of the tracks, tons of little electronic variations and sounds that were just mind-fucking me in a major way. It was funk, but modern. And hearing such beautiful things on a sound system as good as Spirit's is rare.

The Girl *

That night I was also supposed to meet a girl I encountered last time at Crobar. Back at Crobar, she was a little drunk (I think) and was hitting on me in a major way. She was cute but I just can't deal with drunk girls or boys.
Anyway, after a while I bumped into her again. She was dancing on the podium in a very explicit manner. I would not mind this at all in a different context than Spirit. Audience matters, and the worse thing to do is perform so that it can be misinterpreted, vulgarized, and dumbed down by big Long Island muscle boys who have no idea who René Crevel is.
I did not pursue this further, too bad she seemed like an interesting person out of the club.

The Fetish Dom Guy

In the corner where I was dancing, an original group formed of a cute little Latino girl, a white girl, and a shirtless muscular hairy guy with a beard and heavy earings were dancing. The white girl complimented me on my look, which I appreciated a lot (bien-sûr). Then later, it went:
Guy: Can I ask you a question?
Moi: Yes, sure.
Guy: Are you into Fetish?
Moi: Oh! Not really, this (pointing to my leather arm bands) is as far as I go.
Guy: Oh I see. Because I am. I am a dom, and I looked at you and was thinking you looked like a good boy. A good boy.

The 2 Girls Wearing Dresses

Most of the crowd just dresses badly, but I want to give props to the 2 girls wearing knee high very feminine dresses. They were a breath of feminity in that place.

Muscle heads

After my Techno bliss on the floor, I headed to the first floor. Only to be greeted by a sea of shirtless hyper-muscular and testosteroned guys, all barking loudly.

my departure at 7:30am

And this prompted my departure.

Thanks to Danny for the music, the beautifuls for making me smile.

"Il est malheureusement bien vrai que, sans le loisir et l'argent, l'amour ne peut être qu'une orgie de roturier ou l'accomplissement d'un devoir conjugal. Au lieu du caprice brûlant ou rêveur, il devient une répugnante utilité."
-- Charles Baudelaire

"It is sadly true that, without leisure and money, love can only be a commoner's orgy or the achievement of marital duty. In place of a burning or dreamy whim, it becomes a disgusting usefulness."


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