Thursday, December 29, 2005

Les Enfants terribles

[music : Ram Jam - Black Betty ]

From the New York Post page 6:

INDIE band The MisShapes are no longer the house deejays for Susanne Bartsch's Tuesday night party at Happy Valley. At last week's Toy Drive for children with HIV/AIDS, the club's owners kicked the trio out of the disco-ball deejay booth - to the delight of a disgruntled crowd after the group behaved extremely poorly. "They were completely out of control," said our spy. "They had 35 people in the booth with them, spilling drinks all over the equipment. The music was undeniably bad and went off every 30 minutes until they were finally asked to leave."

From Geordon on myspace:

So What

Ah! The young ones are burning their legend and it shines even brighter. Apart from the amusing situation and the rightly unapologetic attitude, their artistic value contrasts with their antics.
I think Happy Valley should just get the guys at GBH. They play mostly the same songs anyway (minus the (annoying) pop the MisShapes put here and there -GregK?-, but sans the MisShapes's aesthetic or their real avant-garde Rock choices).


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