Sunday, December 11, 2005


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MisShapes, the very cool radio show on evr featuring the great new sound of all the latest cool bands (Cazals, The Rakes, Interpol...) is firstly a party. Ah! The absolute coolness of it. In my time in New York, I don't think a party had such a hype attached to it.
In my quest of all things "Il faut absolument etre moderne", I am interested in checking what the new kids are doing. Their site is full of photos featuring what looks like a party crowd.
Anyway, that's for the background.

So, the MisShapes moved to Don's Hill, home of the legendary Squeezebox. So I decided for a late visit.
I arrived in front of the club (having flashbacks of years past) to find a crowd of 20 people or so in front. Thomas was doing the door.
Since I wasn't dressed warmly enough, and the crowd waiting in line was nothing but a bunch of east-village kids making no effort to dress up, I decided to bypass the line straight to Thomas. I don't really know him, but he was kind enough to let me in directly --I wasn't going to wait 15min to enter (way too cold out there).
So once inside, I heard the first track dont' ask me what it was I just don't remember.
The crowd's really young indeed, and very tame. Trés rock, little glam (as opposed to Motherfucker).
After a little turn around the club, I realized that a lot of those kids were not really my style. I had memories of Jackie 60, the party of my youth and got depressed. Then I tried to get into the mood but, god! the mixing was terrible, terrible. Those kids need to do something about that, I had the same experience at Happy Valley. They're really cute, don't get me wrong. but this is just not working.
Greg K. was djing at the time and it'was really whatever. Felt like in a highschool party. Heard Nirvana, Daft Punk, Gloria Gaynor (!). But mostly their big hits and not the amazing 'side b' the great djs like Danny T know how to push.
Well, when he played Daft Punk's "One More Time" I thought that at least they were dancing to the voice of the Prince of underground House --yeah ok maybe without realizing it [Romanthony whose masterpiece is Romanworld].

So anyway, I got really tired of the rock kids wearing trashy tees and feeling themselves while listening to a best of 'top of the pops'. Girls were cute, got to give the party this.

I think maybe if I hit the place when Geordon (the real 'star' of the dj trio) played music might have been a little less obvious and more to my tastes.

I pushed the 'Eject' button after half an hour and two diet cokes. I will definitely not be there for new years eve, but maybe another time to hear Geordon --althought for that I might just hit Happy Valley on Tuesdays.

As David Mancuso signs:
Peace on Earth,


PS: since I talked about Jackie 60, here's a glimpse of the absolute artistry that was going on in that little space: Marti Domination [more here].

PS2: for the future, I think I need a Danny Tenaglia fix. Good sound system, great selection, great mixing, long hours, lots of dancing. A House Music cleansing of sort.


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