Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lots of places

[music : nothing playing]

Saturday January 28th's Programme: Peter Rauhofer at Roxy, Robot Rock at Movida, MisShapes at Don's Hill.

i) Peter Rauhofer at Roxy
Arrived at the place around 2am. Not as crowded as I would expect, but then last time I was there Madonna was in the house. The place was okay decorated (large hearts, teddy bears on the ceiling, a little whatever but cute). The crowd seemed to be in a good mood, and the music was just average. Somehow when he played the 'My Hump' song, things got started. I thought it was funny.
I left around 3:00 because I wanted to check out the other places in the city.

ii) Robot Rock at Movida
Oh well, that didn't go so so good. I guess some places shouldn't be visited after 3am. There were very few people left in the club, and the DJs changed because the music was really nothing stellar. On the other hand, in spite of its lilliputian size, the space is nice. And the girls there were cute and friendly. Maybe a place to check out again but earlier.

iii) MisShapes at Don's Hill
I dashed immediatly to MisShapes (after a 10 minutes round in the meat packing district because I was lost). At 3:30 the place was already half full (from people not leaving yet). The bar closed few minutes after. Had the time to get a taste of the night and it was fun. It's such a scene ( ; I really have to come earlier to this party and get my brain in the right mode because everyone's drunk in that place.

Et voilà.

Sunday: Junior Vasquez at Cielo or Joe Claussell at Love.


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