Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year's Day

[music : ZZ Top - Got Me Under Pressure ]

January 1, 2006. 13:30
Arrival on 28th Street and 10th Ave. Straight to the front of the club. The doormen hasn't a clue and ask us to go all the way around. One minute later we are in through the door via the Reed Room.
As I approach the tunnel leading to the main room I encounter the largest group of Black Queens since Twilo back in 2000. This party is the place to be. As always, they're beautiful and dressed in all the latest models off Paris or Milan's runways.

The main room is packed with "The Boys" shirtless. The first floor balcony looks like the retreat for the Straight crowd, girls and boys. Royskopp's "What else is there?" is playing. And Stopping. And Victor add some drums. The club is erupting.
Columns of lights around the club flash of blue, then stop. Silence again. A small flickering is going on, I look around it sounds like particles are crackling up...then the voice of Loleatta praise ... and then in an instant the Bass takes over the whole club. I have visions of Arena at Palladium.

Left at 5:30pm. It was the best New Years party this year.


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