Thursday, April 06, 2006

Patricia Field's 40th Birthday Party

[music: Etienne De Crecy - Gifted - Super Discount]

pics are here:

Sunday night, 10:30

Capital hosts Saint Patricia Field 40th Birthday party. The place is big, is it an 1920s Palace's dancehall? Beautiful. The whos and whats of what constitutes New York cross between Fashion and Nightlife is here to pay tribute to Patricia who has been a force in those two fields for New York City.
The night is centered on shows performed by basically everyone who usually performs in clubs around the city.

The ones who stood out for me:

Paul Alexander and Kim Aviance:
Paul (of Jackie 60's 'The Jackie Hustle' fame) talked over some beats and brought the House down, while Kim was runway-ing on a treadmill with a large fan blowing her wig. Amazing visual and perfect match with the sound. One of the best low-key show I've seen.

Dirty Martini:
A simple strip tease, but with a body like that! Ah!

Willie Ninja and the House of Ninja dancers:
Not for the voguing per se, but for his long rambling about Patricia, who apparently moved the New York scene more than people could guess.

Connie Girl Domination:
Because she's the Fiercest bitch in New York City Period.

Kevin Aviance:
Kevin took the space and expanded it by dressing up like a Star (5 sides glitter) and climbing up the roof. Real artists creates. He gave that place a new dimension. Very impressive energy.

Harry *:
Her body is that of a women, her face of a baby...interesting impersonation of Marylin.

I also hanged out a little bit in the upstairs room where I had a quick chat with Harry *, she's so freakin' hot! This place was so funny, at one point I was in the center of three conversations. On my left two drunk gogo-boys talking about fist fucking, on the right drag exchanging tips on how to keep their high-heels long-lasting, and on my back some voguers talking about the old days and the new days and so on ... so much fun.

A quick stop at Hiro under Hotel Maritime was enough to bring me back to life. I did my usual 5 minutes there and back home.


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