Thursday, April 06, 2006

Roxy 15th Birthday

[music: Blur - Girls & Boys (Felix Da Housecat Remix)]

Roxy 15th Anniversary with a special performance featuring Kevin Aviance and the Cunties. Music by Brett Erichtsten (or something).

I showed up dressed up in a total-skinny strict outfit to celebrate the event. The line was quite long but I somehow managed to get in quite quickly. Very nice.

Inside, at 1am, the place was decently busy with a mix of your classic Chelsea boy and younger crowd (not the hipster though). The music was somewhat disconcerting, dance remix of Pop song. It didn't really feel like New York City.
I hanged out in the back bar where almost all the old kids from back in the days where there. It was really fun to see so many people out, those that defined New York nightlife a decade ago and do not go out anymore. What fun. And it was a real lesson in dressing up. From vintage Courreges, to Helmut Lang, to Vivienne Westwood, it was a lot of fun to play again this way.
The first show was great. Josephine Aviance looked amazing and played with the fan they put near the stage like a true pro. She turned and her dressed revealed a long scarf like feature that floated for a complete minute, in what appeared like slow motion. It looked like a photo shoot. Kevin performed the song and danced with Josephine and Afrika (replacing the Cunty of the day: Naomi). People were into it.
The night played on again, and the music was still disconcerting.
The second show was over a remix of Mary J. Blidge new song "Be Without You", which is amazing. The remix was cute and Kevin worked the energy in the room to the maximum, making it peak when the remix goes on Mary's acapella and everyone claps their hands. There was life in the place again. Mary's voice is so real.

I left an hour or so after, following some more social fun with the old friends.


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