Friday, May 05, 2006

Dita Von Teese at Happy Valley Tuesdays

[music: The Sounds - Tony The Beat (Brooklyn Fire Remix) ]

pics are there:

Tuesday, 12am

I arrive in front of Happy Valley. Since I don't want to spend too much dineros, I only have $40 in my pockets. Sometimes I like to remind myself of the fun times when I was a student with no money, and how I was going out almost every nights spending nothing...I still have found memories of those crazy years.
So anyway, there's no line at this time. I don't really know when to show up for those ultra-fashion-hipster oriented nights. I think 12:30 should be fine, and it was fine.
The place was already busy. A look at the booth above the dancefloor and Tommy Sunshine is shaking his long hairs to some cool electro vibe. The people around the club are the usual suspects populating the New York nightlife scene, and I love it. There's a lot of young kids too, I like that.

The place got insanely packed pretty quickly. After a tour on the first floor looking for a friend I thought might be here, I get downstairs. Dita is on the floor, dressed like a XVII th century Countess. Black shiny velvet dress with rufled shouldres, black hat: Vivienne Weswood. She's wearing a very white makeup and red red lips. Quite nice in the pure interpretation of the classic look. She's a little bit like a tone-down Betty Page wearing Westwood.
Before the show, Kim Aviance did a little number, very House of Aviance back in the 90s (total body in strech fabric giving the corps another shape).
Anyway, Amanda showed up -looking gorgeous as usual- and by that time everyone was waiting for Dita's show. I've never been so packed in any club. And I've been to packed places. There was literally no room at all. Everyone waiting for the show. They placed a Carousel glitter-made horse in the center of the stage. The horse was waiting there, all alone. Tommie Sunshine was pumping some tune, everyone was stuck to each others, looking their best. What a hilarious moment, I loved it.

The show:
Dita comes out wearing a pink corset covered with rhinestones, ballet dancer shoes, pink hat, and large pink frou-frou feathers on her ass. She dances, put off the clothes a little bit with some Vaudeville music playing...all this reminds me of Jackie 60 but in a classic style (minus the beautiful Filth of the House of Domination). She's really good, and her skin is whiter than a Kasimir Malevich!
Finally she climbs the horse and play erotically while riding the smiling animal.
Applause, the show is over.

I stayed a little more. Sunshine played some really fun track about sex with a groove reminding me of Acid House. What a great sound. I flirted with the young crowd, particularly a 6'4 incredibly skinny 20 year old with long blond hair, as a mystical beast from the forest of Scandinavia. Said hi to the regulars too. Left at 1:30.


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