Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend

[music: none]

Memorial Day Sunday:

There are so many parties going on in the city tonight, it's pretty insane. David Mancuso is having a Loft party, Joe Claussell has his "Sacred Rhythms" at Love, Motherfucker is holding its 6 years anniversary at Roxy, Junior Vasquez is playing "Master Class" at Cielo, and the boys staying late will all be at Allegria at Crobar. That's a long list of things to choose from.

First things first, Motherfucker.
Arrived at 12:30 to a club half packed of the usual kids playing their games, dressed up, and some good rock music (Paradise City). Stayed at the bar and made fun of couple of kids who didn't know what the hell to wear, and admire and compliment others. Saw some of the Misshapes crew, they seems less interesting than I thought. Whatever. The party seemed to take up when Diana Ross "Baby Love" played on, very cute. They followed that by "Back In Black", great guitar.
Then the usual crew went up on stage to sing Happy Birthday, and it was back on with the music. Fun place. Chi-Chi Valenti was here, I missed her voice from my past days in clubs. It was fun hearing this again. I even saw Jessica Rabbit, didn't say hi; I should have.
Spent the next 2 hours in the back with the usual crazy freaks, very fun. Still a great party to visit when it happens.

At around 2:30, headed to Cielo. The place was packed, with a nice mix of Junior's crowd and Cielo crowd. It was great. The music was quite uplifting from Junior. Live remix and mashups of "I'm Every Woman", "I Love You Baby", "Just Us", ... he kept the mood light and in a great spirit. A nice change. The energy of the set reminded me of the Frankie Knuckles set for Gay Pride last year.
After some time enjoying the music, I stayed in the back garden. Best idea in a club I've seen. Gives people a chance to take a nice break, and enjoy a nest of peace in the club. What a great place. Saw the usual Junior friends, and had a great time. Towards the end of the night (4:00), Junior played some great old school music, and everyone was in great spirit. All lights up in the club, and "White Lines" playing --GREAT. He then played some more old school Hip-Hop and real Disco/Pop track (can't remember) that had the whole club going in ecstasy. Kevin casually performed that "2 times 2 is Square" (?) song that had the whole place feature a smile from ear to ear. Great moment.

So that was it, it was a great fun night out, not pushing the limits, and that was great!


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