Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Valley

[ music : Vitalic - U and I ]

Happy Valley, Tuesday May 30th, 12:00am

After a dinner and a little walk in Chelsea, a quick hop at Happy Valley. Last time I was there it was a total mad house for Dita Von Teese show. This time it is more quiet.
Tommie Sunshine is in the booth, and half of the usual suspects are there, including one of my 'models of modern feminity' Connie Girl Domination. She is so tall, so there - charisma. Beautiful strong body, a masterpiece of Nature.
Sofia Lamar is in better mood than last time at Motherfucker, and she's happy chatting with some of the young crowd at the party. It got a little busier around 1, but all very laid back.
I can't remember the music much, it was okay, quite fun.
The show at 1:30 was a little odd, a tribute to Debbie Harry by a Drag with a guitar (reminded me of the ones coming out of the "East of Eight" restaurant once in a while. She was pleasant. Next week is the great classic of "The Dueling Bankheads" of Jackie 60 fame. I am not going to make it but it was already fun just to hear their name and picture them on stage at Happy Valley.
At this point the dancefloor was quite crowded and I decided it was time to head out to avoid ruining my week by being too tired so early.


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