Sunday, July 23, 2006

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[music: Madonna - Sorry (Green Velvet Remix) ]

Misshapes at Don's Hill

Lately I've been finding lots of stupid puns. Don's Hill Down Hill is the newest one. The previous was the lame --to express my disapointment with the new Thierry Mugler collection-- "Thierry Mugl-i-er" ... no comments.

So, tonight after a 'ok' time (with some 'wow, i got to get out of here' moments) at some averagely-trendy straight bar in Soho, I decided to clear my ears and eyes of the average-everything of that place. Misshapes is a walking distance.
First, it's funny, the price seems to change each time I show up. First time was free, second time was $5, this time it was $10. The kids where hanging out outside, no line at this time of the night: 3:00. How early does one have to come to experience the peak? I am not sure.

Anyway, inside it's cool. They fixed the place a little bit. There's some funny room with some plastics coconut trees at the back where 10 people can chill. Then there's a new entrance towards the dancefloor opening the place a little bit. Overall it looks nicer than before.
The crowd's the usual mix of new rock kids slim as it can be, and then the rest of the youth of cool new york. The music is quite fun, pretty much what they play in the show but thank God! this is what I needed after the Soho experience.
It was fun to check out the Dior-ed up kid dancing like a nut, and that fat black queen with dreads and a fantastic outfit reminding me of Jeremy Scott line). Very fun interesting crowd they have there.

The ovah event of the night is this young latina girl who reminded me so much of my old friend Alexis who I used to go to Twilo with. She was just gorgeous, gorgeous. Little black dress, amazing body and such a perfect face with long black hair. Anyway, she was stunning.
So she's at the bar, looks and looks again towards me. I can't get bothered lately, I can't deal with this. But it was fun to flirt a little this way. Then, out of nowhere, she's full on show on the pole dance station they put at the bar! Jumping and turning on the bar, her little mini going up and letting the most beautifully perfect ass showing. Just wow. She worked the pole for 3 minutes, everyone around was just totally gaging! So was I.
Then with no special expression went back to her drink and conversation with her friend at the bar. Wow! I haven't seen such fun out-of-nowhere behavior in a while. New York still can provide with some fun surprising moments it seems.

I hanged out a little on the side of the dancefloor, but around 3:30 the dancefloor was getting a little less crowded and it was time to leave Down's Hill,

Fun night at Misshapes, will come back, have too.

I should follow this with a trip to Victor Calderone's Evolve. I don't know if I will have the energy to wake up at 6:00 this morning. Maybe maybe. It would be amusing to do a weekend of all parties this weekend with Misshapes followed by Evolved followed by Junior Classics. Haha, the good old days of weekends going from party to party are so far. :)


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