Tuesday, July 04, 2006


[music: The Love I Lost - Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes]

Monday 11pm:
Rendez-vous in front of Cielo, in the meat-packing district. Bullshit-central of New York City nightlife, where the go to measure how they achieved in the social function. Girls as sex, guys as power. And everyone drunk out of their little minds.
Cielo is an oasis of good music in the neighborhood. Francois K is at the helm of this musical journey.

Early on, a great Soys Soy house track is played, sending flashes of Body and Soul in my head. When I join the dancefloor, it's hip-hop, then disco for a while. It's just the weird phase of FK who can play anything anytime. It is early in the night and the crowd is still what looks like a typical 'out-in-whatever-club' crowd, with couple of heads I recognize from other House nights.
Hang out in the garden for an hour or two afterwards.

It's 3am: there's a shift in the crowd. More musically-aware people are crowding the room and cheer at the musical choices of the FK. More black crowd too. Then the climax begins. Francois start mixing lots of different acapellas from disco tracks ("This is something for you") and hints of "Keepon'Keepin'on" in a deep drumy track ... and then a break with the piano keys of "Keepin on" ... he followed by his typical DeepSpace sound. Dark grooves and drums, sounded like a mix of Detroit Techno and Soul or RnB and House. Played Jeff Mills, and then towards 4am moved on to Disco Classics. By then the dancefloor was still full and the club was in a great total move.

Great night. I will try to be back on July 18th for the visit of Derrick May. Plus Junior Vasquez's doing a Classics party there on the following Sunday. What a roaster that club has.


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