Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kevin Aviance Birthday Bash at DistortionDisko

[music: Voodoo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald (Fast Eddie Remix)]

The line in front of the club is huge. Half a block. As usual on Thursday during Gay pride week, it's Kevin's Birthday party, usually at some fun club.
This year it's with all the usual freaks and fun folks of DistortionDisko. Larry and Kevin share the DJ Booth.

Music: The Sounds, Vitalic, Royskopp, Janet Jackson, Blondie, Block Party, Ladytron, Whitney Houston, ... .
Compliments heard and given: "I Love Your Shoes" , "You look so beautiful", "You look amazing".
Drinks: Champagne, Diet Coke.
MC: Kenny Kenny touching notes on the hate-crime commited against Kevin earlier in the month.
Performance: Tobel Von Cartier.
Old Friends: "OH! MY GOD! I didn't recognize you?!".
Kisses: in the corner, behind the beds.


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