Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bank at Element Saturday

[music: CSS - Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex]

Bank is the name of the night.
Element is the name of the club.
Chaos is what it used to be in the late 90s.

Exited the taxi a little too west towards Houston. Walked a little bit. I think I saw Leigh walking but I am not sure. Off course my name was not on the list because there was no list: predicted. No bid deal.
So anyway, last time I was there it was (somehow) a long time ago (half a year?). This time I'm earlier (1:30) so it's still crowded.
Mostly boys in tee shirt and AF, the music's somehow a little lame. Larry Tee is not playing. I like Larry Tee's DJing a lot.
Hanged out in the back room, chit chat with friends and nothing grandiose happening.

Left not too late (3:00) because of general sleepyness. The place's really not worth the dough. Maybe for Larry's birthday.

Next week I want to go to Misshapes.


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