Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Valley Fashion Week

[music: Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys]

Ah! Happy Valley Tuesdays. The right place, the right time, the right crowd.
Well, first it's not the same since the Misshapes got thrown out in style and replaced by other DJs. It really took away something. Too bad. It could have been a great mixed party the way NYC needs it.
Mix, Mix, Mix. The secret of a great party.

So, this time it's fashion week and everyone's going to be at Happy Valley, at least I feel it's going to be like this. Kenny Kenny was performing his new track. He was great.
The place got really crowded fast. I hang out downstairs in the basement. The first DJ-ette played Daft Punk's Around The World (it was nice to hear this), and some Acid tracks that got the fun crowd going. Especially the one with the great moustache and Vivienne Westwood shirt.
The DJ succeeding played mostly House classics, and it was really fun. The energy was great in the room and the club overall.

When they have big nights it's really a fun party.

Because I'm lazy typing here's some more:



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